A design career was born out of my love for typography that began with an interest in graffiti. Now, I'm a creative director who specializes in shopper marketing and has been loving what I do for over a decade. Sports, music, multi-cultural, local/regional and brand marketing are daily functions I enjoy driving the ideation process on. I've worked with all types of media including: print, digital, TV, and radio. Whether i'm working on huge brands like Pepsi and Budweiser or a local business, I adore the creative process and still get excited to see my work come to life. I am constantly seeking to collaborate with others, to share ideas and connect with consumers. My goal is to just make people feel something...

Great work continues to motivate and inspire me. In addition to design I am influenced by music, technology, fashion, fine art, street art, film, photography, vintage design, old cars, and brilliant writing. I'm a self-proclaimed pop culture whore, husband and father to 2 incredible boys.

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